Canine CBD Dosing Guide

Canine CBD Dosing Guide

Like humans, every dog is different. The potential of overdose from CBD is very low, and some dogs will need less than others.  Some experimentation with dosing is typically in order to obtain the best results.  While the potential for overdoing CBD is very low, we’ve provided some basic guidance in starting your pet on Canine CBD Oil to help keep your canine in good order.

Should you notice your dog show adverse reactions, such as diarrhea or vomiting, cease use immediately.  Provide water to your pet and observe their behavior.  If conditions do not improve within a few hours, consult your veterinarian.

CBD drops put on dogs food
CBD drops put on dogs food

paw bulletCBD Relief Oil is administered using the syringe provided with the product.

paw bulletDo not administer to a dog either pregnant or lactating.

paw bulletSee a veterinary specialist if you are considering CBD therapy for a canine with any kind of chronic condition.


For reference, here are the guidelines:

Weight Oil Amount CBD
20-40 lbs .25 ml 5mg
40-60 lbs .50 ml 10mg
60-80 lbs 1.0 ml 20mg
80+ lbs 1.5 ml 30mg